2012 Winter trendy toys: classic concept plus the latest technology


Increasingly brightest Phoebe (Furby), several Phoebe also can mutually communicate with dancing.

【Chinese and foreign toy Network News] into the autumn each year, businesses began to launch the latest toy, preparing for the Christmas retail season; This is also enthusiastic or forced to chase toys trendy parents eyes wide open, ears, closely capture market trends started figuring Christmas to the children what gifts to buy.

Toy manufacturers are usually a combination of high-tech and traditional children's toys to the field of R & D investment, usually showing off achievements this season of the year.

Trendy toys are not necessarily brand new from the inside to the outside. Such as the 2012 edition of the Phoebe electronic plush toys (Furby) looks still more than a decade ago that foolish kind, but the "intelligence" and "ability" is clearly more mature.

"Phoebe" shrunk

Toy experts describe the The the latest Phoebe Plush, high-tech intelligence is "revolutionary": they communicate with each other through the exchange of "Phoebe language"; smart phone or tablet of Phoebe App small program for young master Phoebe language translated into English.

The most eye-popping, the 2012 version of the character of Phoebe electronic pet will interact with the little master is saying (they) have evolved; Over time, each the Phoebe are likely to have their own personality.

Phoebe was born in 1998. When it can speak, "listen" to talk to people; pat its head it will doctrine a few new words.

U.S. National Security Agency (National Security Agency) was full of doubts Phoebe intelligent, high degree of vigilance, and finally decided to confidential security reasons, prohibits Phoebe into the NSA office, lest it inadvertently leaked.

Fortunately, so far have not heard Phoebe leaked the news.

Although there is no drastic change, but the re-appearance of the Phoebe shape eyes upgrade the LCD screen from the infrared sensor, the sensing function of the body is stronger than ever before.

Enhance the reality of the toy world

Older children may prefer to place in them, its territory in person "experience. This is a robot toy developers this year's heavy weapons, the App Gear.

This game is a smart phone or tablet PC App application combines developed based on virtual reality, augmented reality technology (augmented reality), to create a "expansion of reality".

"Augmented reality" virtual environment may be aliens to invade living room, or zombie resurrection, the masters of the game to play some kind of turn the tide of the hero role.

Unlike traditional electronic game set the game to use real objects to create an interactive environment.

From Germany a jigsaw puzzle is not only 3D graphics makes up the "living together" with the "augmented reality" technology.

For example, Augmented Reality instrument can inject "life" for the underwater world puzzle.

Children Tablet PC will win the pro-gaze of parents?

This is toys and technology developers pondering the problem over and over again before the introduction of children Tablet PC.

The normal tablet computers have full Internet access, which is what the parents do not want children before adulthood can freely contact control things.

Therefore, the Tablet PC designed for children may be installed all adults Tablet PC with application software and functions, but probably not on a social networking site, or in addition to a few toys, games website dedicated to all other URL shielded, and so on.

Parents can even children Tablet PC is set to "bedtime automatically shut down.

"Low-tech", "no technology" toys do not surrender

However, the traditional "old" toys from the inside to the outside, such as only silly sitting silly doll lying, Mao Xionggong Aberdeen, half past one also will not surrender to the high-tech toys, traditional children's games may not find less than a warm home.

Children's education and mental development experts continue to warn, called on the parents to let the children more involved in outdoor play and group activities, rather than in the house for a long time playing video games and toys.

They are also low-tech, a strong supporter of traditional toys or zero.