31.9 meters! The world's tallest Lego bricks tower unveiled in Seoul, Korea


The record of the world's highest tower of Lego bricks is constantly being refreshed. Recently, Seoul, South Korea successfully built a building block tower higher than the previous highest tower of the building blocks of nearly 30 cm, thus creating a new world record.

According to foreign media reports on the 13th, the world's tallest tower of Lego bricks, at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul, South Korea successfully set up, the total height of 31.9 meters, the tower took five days, nearly 4,000 children and 500,000 building blocks stacked. Danish Crown Prince Frederik (Frederik) by visiting the ROK in the 13th put the last piece of the building blocks, to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the birth of Lego bricks. The event also attracted more than 30,000 visitors come to watch.

It is reported that the day in Seoul, the Lego bricks to build the tower higher than the built in France in October last year, 30 centimeters, which succeeded in breaking the world record. The world's first Lego bricks tower was born in 1988 in London, a height of 15.24 meters.

Lego bricks by Ole (Ole Kirk Christiansen), gram Li Si Jinsen invention, a plastic building blocks, mainly red, yellow, blue, white, black. Children's brains hands, using Lego bricks can fight inserted changing shape, this toy is also known as the "magic plastic building blocks. Now, Lego sales are always listed in the top ten toys in the world, has been the title of "Fortune" magazine dubbed "century toys.