United States Lego bricks fans with fifty thousand building blocks to create celebrity world


The United States a man with blocks create wheelchair hawking (web page screenshot)

International online feature: according to the British "sun December 7 days of reports, American computer programmer Ian sith (Iain Heath) is fanatical lego fan. The sith has demonstrated his building structures results, let a person shine at the moment.

His works including "time brief history", the author of a wheelchair Stephen Hawking's image, high roar "We Will Rock You" queen band singer Freddie · mecury (Freddie Mercury) image, as well as the movie sea flat king "of the super kill female (Hit Girl) role image. These building blocks modelling mostly have 12 feet high, each model building are spend the sith about 30 hours of time.

High roar "We Will Rock You" queen band singer Freddie · mecury (Freddie Mercury)

The sith says, oneself from online purchase blocks parts, the overall count down about 50000 building block. He says the building blocks for technology is not only a challenge but also to their artistic attainments of the challenge.

It is reported, lego is by the Danish ole · base oker invented a kind of plastic blocks, a head of a convex grain, another head have embeddable convex grain hole, the shape has more than 1300 kinds of, each kind of shape have 12 different color, with red, yellow, blue, white, black is given priority to.