The country push "mini version" Porsche / Jaguar toy car


Pocket Classics, UK has launched a new project to custom mini toy car, its body are based on the design of classic cars, but the size is smaller than the original models more than doubled. The custom mini models of each by the company after 450 hours of hand to create and equipped with 110 ml of air-cooled engine, at the same time make the adults got into the car cabin driving, and reach a top speed of 74 km / h.

British company providing customized mini version of the Mercedes-Benz 300SL, the Jaguar E-Type, JEEP Willis, Porsche Speedster Bugatti TYPE 35 legendary models, priced according to the different range of models for 6995-9995 pounds (equivalentof RMB 71,000 -10.1 million).


British manufacturers have said this business for the purpose will be the user to create "the world's greatest toy, but the expensive price can only let it be the toys of the rich. Imagine driving a saloon car, along with his family to reach the spots removed from the spacious interior preparedness mini-version of the Porsche and Jaguar, with feelings natural to carry out mini-car race ...