Mattel to launch the first wal-mart Canada virtual toy store


Convenient advantage of online shopping, but also did not see the kind of drawbacks; visit the store, and often takes a lot of time and effort consumers. Fish and eat it whether Chief? Recently, the U.S. toy company Mattel (Mattel) with Wal (Walmart Canada), the first in Canada to launch virtual toy store, and hope to give consumers a new experience, and to expand the new market of window shopping (window shop).

According to foreign media reports, in order to help the multi-city public to prepare Christmas, Mattel and Wal-Mart, launched Canada's first virtual toy store. The virtual store offers toys goods QR barcode to consumers, allowing consumers to enjoy convenient shopping process.

Virtual toy store in downtown Toronto the underground passage PATH, so that consumers feel as if buy windows commodity. The virtual toy store will run for four weeks. Hope to give commuters a relaxing shopping process.

If you want to buy trendy holiday gift, Walmart will consumers preferred the store to buy toys, especially the Walmart Toy director Cheri Anthony. The cooperation with Mattel Canadian families can bring more convenience.

The virtual toy store actually commodities 3D three-dimensional pattern and corresponding QR barcode attached to two walls. Consumers simply the phone scanning QR barcode to scan merchandise can be purchased from Walmart.

Melissa Chau, a Mattel brand manager, said: "Canadians increasingly adapt to using e-commerce to purchase goods. Latest statistics show that, in every five consumers, there are four mobile shopping. Cooperation with Walmart can bring the consumer an innovative shopping channels. "

Although consumers can buy toys online or in stores, but the purpose of this virtual toy store is hoping to open up the window shopping (window shop) new markets.